Look to the Structure!

Strong Foundation.jpg

When the house has issues, check the foundation.
When the car has issues, check the alignment.
When the water pressure slows, check the hose.

It’s natural instinct to assess the structure when something isn’t functioning the way we know it should.

That’s because it is a universal law that STRUCTURE DICTATES FUNCTION.

However, when the human body has issues, often people forget or neglect this truth.

That’s why we are proud to have brought Structural Chiropractic to Tennessee.

We know the body was designed to heal from the inside out! Health challenges are red flags from your body that it isn’t able to do what it requires for good health. (Function)

That’s why we look to the structure to identify and release any compression and tension interfering with your body’s communication highway. (Structure)

Simply stated: Our goal is to put our patients, from newborns to older adults, in the best position to heal from the inside out and live a healthy life!


Our Unique 3D Analysis

At Summit Chiropractic, we have a forward-thinking global approach that analyzes the entire body three-dimensionally, relating it to gravity, for more specific and efficient chiropractic results.

We go beyond the two-dimensional model of a ‘bone out of place.’ It’s an entire system out of place. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia all play a role in your 3D balance and tensegral structure, so we work with them all to provide efficient care.

We are home to the only Posture IQ in East Tennessee. This machine enables Dr. Ryan to share with you how your body is changing with and between every single release. Constant re-exams for you = being empowered and no guessing.

We brought a gentle, specific hands-on release technique unlike anything East Tennessee has seen before.
No twist, crack, pop. We don’t fight the tension, we release it.
No instruments. We believe in connectivity and being able to feel tonal changes as they occur.

Truly, we practice chiropractic for the 21st century and we’re so proud of it!