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Your body is a self-healing organism.

What an incredible intelligence that goes to work on your behalf 24/7. Symptoms are communication from your body that it needs help, no different than when a light comes on in your car dashboard. Something needs attention!

That intelligence knows WHAT to do for healing. The question is, “Can it do what it needs to?” That’s where function comes into the conversation. If your body has lost proper function anywhere, it limits this intelligence.

Companies spend millions of dollars engineering their products. Why? Because they understand that it must be designed for optimal function. The manufacturer of your body knew this as well.

It is a universal law that “Structure dictates function.”

What happens when the human frame starts to shift away from normal structure? The same thing that happens when the foundation of your house shifts or your car goes out of alignment. It loses intended (and healthy) function, leading to worn tires, bad steering, cracks in the floorboards and when it comes to your health, unpleasant symptoms.

It makes sense that instead of patching the floors or putting band-aids on your symptoms, we should look to the root of your issue. Restore the structure!

In our office, we analyze the foundation of your structure with our Posture IQ, the only one in the state of Tennessee. We also use a gentle, specific and effective release technique unlike anything in the state.

Our goal is release the tension holding you in unhealthy patterns so that you can regain your proper up, open and balanced structure. From here, your body is in the most powerful, and energy-efficient, position to relieve your symptoms naturally and restore you to great health.


Our Unique 3D Analysis

At Summit Chiropractic, we use a global approach that analyzes the entire body three-dimensionally to truly understand what state of health it is in. We go beyond the two-dimensional model of a bone out of place. It’s an entire system out of place. Muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia all play a role in your 3D balance and tensegral structure.

Every one of us experiences body traumas, whether physical, chemical or emotional. These traumas may have occurred years ago or be so minor we don’t even recall them, but the body remembers.

Trauma creates a path of break down through the whole body. For correction, we must follow a reverse path. It is tension that holds us in these unhealthy postures so it is through releasing this tension we help the body regain an up, open and balanced structure. A structure that restores optimal body function and initiates healing.

Our gentle, specific release technique restores proper flow of blood, oxygen and coordination of communication to the entire body. The release reestablishes optimal nervous system function, muscle balance and joint symmetry.