Back and Neck Pain

Your body was designed to stand balanced and straight to support you against the pressure of gravity. Whenever the body shifts or collapses out of alignment, your muscles take over to fight gravity and prevent you from falling over. They were not designed to do this much work 24/7 so this overworks them causing a lot of pain! 

The farther away you get from normal posture, the more your muscles take over to help keep you up.

When Summit Chiropractic releases your body back to an up, open and normal posture, the muscles are relieved of this extra-effort and can begin to relax and heal.

Back and neck pain are not normal to the human body so do not settle with short-term relief that continues needing revisited. In our office, we look at the body globally to get to the very root of WHY your pains are arriving.

Our goal: Correction, not band-aids.