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"I was bedridden, living in 8-10/10 pain levels daily when I met Dr. Ryan Teeter. I had 10% mobility & little to no quality of life. Dr. Ryan is a Godsend. He was intentional in my care, deliberate and enthusiastic to help me heal and thrive. He was always positive and encouraging me to be hopeful, knowing I would get well. Because of his expertise and high standard of care, I became well. After working with him, I reached 100% mobility, I had no pain, I became able to live my life fully! Both of my girls and I are so grateful to have crossed paths with Dr. Ryan Teeter. It is certain he has made a tremendous impact on our quality of life! If you have pain, aches and need excellent chiropractic care, if you're looking for a chiropractor who is invested in your experiencing healing and fully living and thriving - make an appointment with Dr. Ryan right away!" - Selene B.

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"You generously and with great dedication and skill supported me to jump start my body and my life into a more harmonious state of being. I remember that first day in the clinic when you were performing the physical exam for me you asked me to walk a straight line, heel to toe, and I couldn't do it because I was so weak and unbalanced. I have come a long way since then. One day I arrived with so much intense low back and leg pain that it was difficult for me to walk. You began adjusting me, making gentle contacts on my head and neck, and about 20 minutes later I stood up and had no pain at all. I know you spent many days, weeks and month leaning and honing your skills, but when it happens the way it did that day with me, it feels like magic. I wanted you to know that with each passing week I feel stronger and happier. I love you and your awesome work and I know all the people who show up in your life are truly blessed. I'm glad I was one of them." - Fay V.

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"My experience being in Dr Teeter's care was nothing short of miraculous! I was able to get off and stay off all pain medication which I had been on for YEARS! I had 4 bulging disc in my back and today I can say I am pain free! His gentle and non-invasive, yet thorough approach is nothing like anything I have ever experienced at a chiropractor! I can't recommend him enough! You won't be disappointed!" - Elizabeth H.

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“Dr. Ryan and his staff go above and beyond in every experience we have had here. They are kind and considerate, attentive and thoughtful. On top of all that, Dr. Ryan is hands-down the best chiropractor we’ve ever seen! I feel confident as a mom that he’s providing the best care for my four children and we are in the right place.” -Acacia V.

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"Dr. Ryan and Megan have been such a huge blessing in my life since first walking through the door of Summit! They take the time to hear your story, ask intentional questions, and create a space for healing. I have been to different chiropractors for 15+ years, but have never experienced Dr. Ryan's unique release technique. Sessions with him have been such a game changer for my health. I cannot recommend them enough if you're looking for incredible, positive, sincere, authentic people to connect with and a place to experience true relief, true healing!" - Allison M.


“Been going to Dr Ryan since they opened up in October, 2017. Dr Ryan really knows how to fix my back. He always addresses my aches and pains. I play hockey several times a week and Dr Ryan's adjustments allow me a much quicker recovery from game to game. Dr Ryan is a great listener and really cares about his patients. Over the last twenty years I have taken more than my share of pain medication like Naproxin and Aleve. Dont need it anymore!!!! I rely on my chiropractor to help alleviate my aches and pains. I have also changed my diet since going to Dr Ryan and I have seen noticeable changes in energy levels. I feel great!! -James H.

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"Love Summit Chiropractic! For as long as I can remember I’ve had chronic back pain, but thanks to Ryan I’ve begun to feel relief!" - Beth H.


“My 12 year old son and I have amazing results in a short amount of time since seeing Dr. Ryan. We love his holistic approach without any popping and cracking. Dr. Ryan helps with all aspects of health. His office has a great positive vibe! It’s always nice to be welcomed by Megan and office dog Blaze! We highly recommend this office and have already referred family and friends!” - Cara C.


"Dr. Ryan is professional, caring and thorough. Along with Megan, they immediately make you feel welcomed and relaxed. After extensive searching I am happy to find that Dr Ryan fills a void in the Knoxville chiropractic space and I’m grateful to have found him." - Rachel T.

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"You will get good results here! Thanks to Dr. Ryan and his knowledge of this field, I have been able to find relief from chronic pain in my back and joints as well! Very welcoming! Very friendly! Love this place and the people!" - Ashley H.