The Importance of Your Health

You’ve got one body to experience life with. Treat it with love and care. Your health is your most important asset. It can either open the door to new opportunities or it can keep you on the sidelines. This is why Summit Chiropractic is committed to putting the health back in healthcare.


21st Century Chriopractic

Summit Chiropractic has a forward thinking, global approach that works with your body’s healing processes. Our office is home to the only Posture IQ in the state, which allows you to benefit from the only chiropractic procedure that measures 3D posture of the whole body. We also bring a gentle and specific release technique unlike anything in the state. 


Becoming A New Patient

The care in our office creates a strong foundation for your health. We provide you with a unique and specific success plan for you to finally heal. At Summit Chiropractic in Knoxville, TN our unique process of Decompression, Correction, Stability and Infusion restores communication and function to initiate the healing cycle. Every step of the way, we re-empower your body from ‘Cause to Correction.’ If you are looking for a chiropractor in Knoxville or holistic health care in Knoxville call us today!

"After extensive searching I am happy to find that Dr. Ryan fills a void in the Knoxville chiropractic space and I’m grateful to have found him." - Rachel T.


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