Kids and Chiropractic

Our pediatric patients range from just a few hours old to late-teens because our gentle, specific release technique is safe for your life’s littlest loves. Just like adults, children have immune systems, nervous systems and much more. They too experience traumas, from the birthing process to learning to walk to playing on sports teams.

It's our goal to check all little ones throughout their growth and development years to ensure there is no interference to a healthy growing process, as well as set them on the path to a thriving adulthood.



With 95% of infants having misalignments after birth, we are committed to checking every newborn for these imbalances.

Chiropractic is shown to relax muscular tension, improve sleep, reduce colic symptoms, help ear infections and constipation and can improve breastfeeding.


Growth & Development

Children benefit when their bodies are functioning at 100% through the growth and development years.

Like their parents, young ones can experience traumas, big or small, that can interfere with their structure. Not only do we want to ensure their structure grows and develops normally, but we want to release any tension that may interrupt proper function too.



Youth & High School Sports

If your child is playing physical sports, it will benefit them to be checked by a structural chiropractor to ensure their normal structure isn't being compromised. 

Whether it's a high hip, low shoulder, head tilt or something else, it's important to catch these shifts while they're young so they don't become chronic issues in their adult years.

A structural release will also help your child's optimal sports performance.