Chiropractic for a Healthy Pregnancy 

Fall in love with your body as you and baby enjoy a healthy, supported pregnancy that includes chiropractic care.


Pregnant women can benefit from our care as we ensure the body is functioning properly as it transitions through each trimester. Mom's body is growing and developing her baby so it is more vital than ever to ensure proper body function through checking her structure. 

Using a low-force, gentle release technique, our care can also relieve a range of issues common during pregnancy such as lower back pain and numbness and tingling.

Our care is safe for both mom and baby. Chiropractic care can address problems with the pelvis and incorrect positioning of the baby as well. If your baby is breeched before delivery, our care may be able to release the tension in the ligaments causing this utilizing the Webster technique.

We love empowering our expecting mamas with education and care that allows them to be supported naturally through the beautiful process of pregnancy and childbirth. 


We look to release tension in your structure to restore proper function!

We check your structure and only release tension if we discover a structural shift. Feel empowered through every trimester by getting checked.